A Visit at René Lezard


An Interesting Tour around René Lezard

At the end of July 2016 we visited the clothes producing factory René Lezard in Schwarzach with Mrs Meixner. We are a class of 25 industrial business management assistants.

First the head of Human Resources (HR), Mrs Schmitt welcomed us to René Lezard. She told us some general facts about the company within 30 minutes. After a short break Thomas Hill, the designer informed us about the development of the designing process for the fashion collection. He showed us some samples of the new collection which were beautiful.

After that we went to the tailoring. We walked through the corridors and saw the girls working on samples for the next clothing line. Afterwards we went to the warehouse where the fabrics are stored and we watched the unloading of a lorry. Mr Seibert explained the system how the products are stored.

In the end we had learned a lot and were very impressed.

We really appreciated our visit at René Lezard.

Klasse Ind 10 b