No one is born a great chef

von Michael Sypien

What does it mean to become a trainee chef? This question was asked in a lesson, but if you are interested in becoming one, it should concern you as well.

According to the saying, 'better food, better mood,' we have learned that we can make everyone happy with food and, therefore, change people's mood with exceptional food. A recipe has no soul, but as chefs, it is our job to bring life to the dish.

First and foremost, you must have an affinity for preparing meals and working in a team. If the environment is calm and non-hostile, working in such a place not only promotes the overall happiness of the employees but also increases functionality and perhaps even speed. Knife skills are also important when working in a professional kitchen. The right technique is of great importance. You can adapt to the cutting pace of your co-workers if you practice a lot. For example, you may prefer to cut the ingredients for your food items before cooking a dish.

I think it is very satisfying to cut before cooking. You will learn how to cut properly at our vocational school, especially in our small class, where everyone is calm and quite passionate about becoming a chef.

Binod Karki and Kai Mosthaf, GAKS 10b